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Yellowstone Capital Partners Announces Nearly $ 95 Million in Funding to Fund the Development and Preservation of Affordable Housing in the United States

SAN FRANCISCO and Bogota – Colombia, November 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Yellowstone Capital Partners (“Yellowstone”) today announced the closing of $ 95 million in capital for its third fund (“Fund III”) focused on credit opportunities in United States housing market. With the first close, Yellowstone brings together a unique investment platform and a global investor base aligned to pursue real estate investments with positive social, environmental and financial returns.

“Fund III represents an important milestone for the growth of Yellowstone’s impact investing platform,” explains the co-founder and CIO, Juan Carlos Moreno, “We have leveraged our knowledge by investing in approximately 53,000 affordable housing units across Colombia and Panama, through several socio-economic cycles, to develop our playbook for the American markets. We also made a significant co-investment in the Fund and set up a United Statesteam based with extensive experience and deep networks in real estate development, banking and financial technology. ”The Yellowstone lending platform launched in early 2020 by Managing Partner, Paul Stockamore, and is headquartered at San Francisco, California.

Fund III advances Yellowstone’s commitment to the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment by targeting investments designed to preserve or increase the supply of accessible housing. A persistent insufficient supply of entry-level housing, exacerbated by demographic demand trends, is expected to continue to constitute an attractive market requiring substantial investment. “The expected stability of the Fund III portfolio stems in part from our focus on investments that create social good and environmental sustainability,” said Stockamore. “Our portfolio in Latin America has demonstrated that sustainability can positively transform neighborhoods and generate superior economic outcomes by reducing turnover and increasing operating margins. ”

Benefiting from the diverse expertise of its investment team, Fund III will continue to finance next-generation development strategies, including: higher density housing communities, coliving, modular construction, net energy consumption communities zero, infill redevelopment and adaptive reuse. “We are encouraged by the market reaction to our approach. Said JP Ackerman, managing director and responsible for the origins of Yellowstone. “Through our direct lending platform, Techo Funding, we have assessed approximately $ 2.2 billion opportunities and in selective partnership with developers aligned with their mission. October 2021, Fund III supported the development or preservation of 284 units in 4 markets. To date, all Fund III investments are infill sites with projected affordability close to the region’s median income.

“With the combined strength of our lending platform and the fund, we have unlocked a new model for how private capital can shape the future of housing,” Stockamore said. “We intend Fund III to play a constructive role in mobilizing larger pools of capital towards innovative real estate development strategies with quantifiable social and environmental returns.”

About Yellowstone Capital Partners:
Yellowstone Capital Partners is a Pan American real estate investment firm dedicated to building sustainable communities. The company was founded in 2015 and manages approximately $ 495 million through credit and equity strategies in Colombia, Panama, and some markets in the United States. Yellowstone is a signatory to the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment and is committed to working alongside policy makers and community organizations to provide safe, affordable and stable housing alternatives. Find more information about Yellowstone at

About Techo Funding, LLC:
Techo Funding (pronounced: teh-choh, which means “Roof” in Spanish) is a modern funding platform for developers and builders of United States have a lasting positive impact on the community and the environment. Techo’s financing solutions are customized to the unique specifications of each project’s needs and support innovative approaches to creating affordable homes. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Yellowstone, the Techo team has direct experience across the development spectrum, enabling a deeper partnership than a traditional lender.

Find more information about Techo at

CONTACT: Jake perkins, [email protected], +15304484002

SOURCE Yellowstone Capital Partners

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