Beach services

The town hall of Manacor, Mallorca, enjoys direct control of beach services

The town hall of Manacor reports having made a profit of 82,000 euros last year on beach services – deckchairs and parasols. This followed the decision to take direct municipal control of services rather than contracting them out. Revenues in 2021 exceeded forecasts, which had been cautious due to the uncertainties generated by the pandemic.

The opposition Partido Popular is less positive about this than the ruling administration led by Miquel Oliver de Més. Spokesperson Maria Antònia Sansó maintains that the town hall lost a million euros following a direct takeover. She points to a discrepancy of half a million euros between the 2020 and 2021 budgets of the municipal services company, SAM, and the fact that some 500,000 euros were not charged to concessionaires due to municipal control.

Councilor Cristina Capó, president of SAM, claims that the budget difference of half a million is due to a “accounting adjustment” and insists on the fact that “if the town hall had not municipalized the service, there would not have been because no company was interested”. Another adviser, Sebastià Nadal, who is SAM’s vice-president, Sebastià Nadal, claims that a financial study indicates that “revenues will be higher every year”.

When Manacor made the decision to municipalize beach services, the town hall was first loaned deckchairs by Alcudia, which had plenty of them due to the reduced capacity of the beaches caused by the pandemic. Alcudia directly controls most beach services, which is the exception rather than the rule in Mallorca. Manacor has now followed suit.