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“Stricter Laws Against Illegal Beach Activities” | Goa News

PANAJI: Tourism Minister Manohar ‘Babu’ Azgaonkar urged his department to formulate rules and regulations or amend existing laws to give the department more bite to crack down on unauthorized and illegal activities along the beach belt of State.
During a review meeting chaired by Azgaonkar, the minister asked the ministry to set the responsibility and accountability for ensuring effective and strict implementation of rules and regulations to suppress and prevent unauthorized activities of operators cabins, water sports operators, vendors or any other tourism industry.
It is proposed to form a Joint Action Committee, composed of representatives of the Department of Tourism, Goa Police and the Harbor Master, to study and define the necessary guidelines to combat nuisance on the beaches.
No less than 594 cases of unauthorized tourism along the beaches have been filed by the state police since May, compared with 484 cases reported between January and April 2017. The state police presented the data to the minister on Tuesday as part of the report. follow-up action. since the first review meeting held in May.
Examining the case of the death of a jet ski operator in Varca last month, Azgaonkar asked his department to suspend the water sports operator’s license pending completion of the investigation and hearing in the ‘case. He also called for the completion of hearings and investigations within a limited timeframe.
Regarding the allocation of cabins for the upcoming season, Azgaonkar asked the tourism department to ensure that all procedures are completed and that the required licenses and authorizations are obtained from the Management Authority of the coastal area of ​​Goa at the earliest so that the final cabin allocation process is completed by August 15.
Since the term of the contract of the existing beach cleaning contractor is due to expire in a few days, Azgaonkar has also asked his department to expedite the tendering process for the appointment of a new contractor of beach cleaning.

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