Beach restaurant

Quinta do Lago’s ‘new’ Gigi beach restaurant reopens

Quinta do Lagoa’s famous beach restaurant, Gigi, has reopened after being demolished and rebuilt 30 meters north of its previous location.

The project has been included in the Vilamoura-Vila Real de Santo António Coastal Plan (POOC) and will see the area where the restaurant previously stood return to nature with the planting of several native species.

Despite the new location, the goal from the start was to keep the new Gigi as close to the original as possible.

In fact, it was one of the conditions imposed by the owner of Quinta do Lago, Denis O’Brien, in order to allow the relocation project to move forward.

Gigi’s owner Bernardo Reino said espresso newspaper that he kept his promise to Mr O’Brien: ‘He asked me that everything be the same the next time he visits us.’

The restaurant has become popular over the years for its “traditional long lunches that only end when the last customer has left”.

Among the novelties, a larger terrace, a larger and better equipped kitchen, toilets for people with reduced mobility, new shower rooms, solar panels for heated water, a support area for lifeguards and a post rescue.

Another strong point is the new “chillout bar” inviting customers to live “authentic moments of reconnection with nature, accompanied by the best cocktails to sip while admiring the view of the Atlantic Ocean and the best sunsets in the Algarve”.

The restaurant menu always features some of the best seafood the Algarve has to offer, from ‘conquilhas’ (one of the Algarve’s favorite types of shellfish) and sea bass clams, crab, lobster and to the freshest fish from the local coast. For meat lovers there is also a large steak for two.