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# PINNED: 11 Best Beach Activities on Boracay Island Come Rain or Shine

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If you can work from anywhere, why not work in Boracay?

Work in the Philippines has become the biggest travel trend as subway workers flock to Boracay to work in Heaven. WFH does not need to be a “work from home” setup, but can be interchangeable as “work from hotel” or wherever you want to be. It’s about taking a break from your home office, but not from the job itself.

After learning how to travel to Boracay in the new normal and getting the latest Boracay travel requirements, some travelers could get stuck at their workplace with the implementation of the new ECQ, MECQ or GCQ restrictions in the Philippines. So for those who have just landed in Caticlan or have become locals now, we have listed the activities you can do in Boracay in the new Normal-2021 release!

When the sun is there:

island hopping

An island hopping of Boracay can take you to see fine, white, powdery sand beaches with turquoise waters. The usual Boracay Island package offers a range of activities to explore local artifacts and caves at Crystal Cove, a cliff diving experience at Magic Island, and a delicious grilled buffet lunch along the beautiful beach – that ask for more ?!

Parasailing, wakeboarding, jet skiing and other water sports

Your Boracay to-do list won’t be complete without feeling the thrill of parasailing, the splash of the banana boat ride, the weightlessness of flying fish, and the scream of an adrenaline-inducing UFO ride! Wakeboarding takes a lot of strength depending on how you like the waves, while jet skiing in Boracay will give you one of the best views.

Rent a bike

Being in work mode doesn’t mean your workout has to be on vacation as well. Inexpensive bicycle rentals can be found in Boracay, where you can cycle around the island to visit Puka and Bulabog beaches, and Mount Luho. Biking is a good cardiovascular workout while connecting with nature for a low price.

Aquanaut diving

If you’re not a swimmer but curious about what’s hiding underneath, you should definitely try helmet diving in Boracay! A heavy helmet on your head is weightless underwater, while an instructor guides you on how to breathe and “walk” with a school of fish!

Helicopter Tours in Boracay

Want some fantasy? Hop on, hop on and off with a Boracay helicopter tour that will give you unique views of the stunning landscape and blue waters. Just make sure you take in the beauty of the island, instead of taking selfies during the short drive.

Sunset paddleboarding and parasailing

All aboard! Let a small boat called a “paraw” take you to the rays of the golden hour. It’s also the best time to get up while paddleboarding for a GI-worthy photo.

When it rains outside:

Coffee meeting

Start the day off right with a hot cup of coffee, accompanied by a delicious dessert that sells out very quickly. There are must-see cafes in Boracay that are straightforward, but feature rich-tasting brewed coffee. Ah, what a perfect combo for bed time!

Food exploration

While most local restaurants have closed due to the pandemic, it is still possible to revive the food strip by supporting the island’s remaining eateries. With alcohol restrictions in Boracay, the restaurant tour is here for you to sample at least four restaurants within walking distance and explore what their local cuisine has to offer.

De-stress with “hilot”

After your meal, relax by the pool or unwind with a relaxing day at the spa in Boracay. With new normal protocols in place, discover traditional Filipino therapies from a selection of treatments ranging from full body massages, aromatic scrubs or a full “hilot” to unwind from work.


While locals used to approach visitors and offer braiding services right on the beach, a scheduled hair braiding can help you prepare for your next Zoom reunion look and seek inspiration for them. beach hair.

Disconnect to connect with the locals

While it’s not easy to make friends these days due to social distancing, it can still be possible. Locals undoubtedly want to show off the secret gems their place has to offer, so cherish the tips and advice to make your work worth it. With respectful conversation, we also found out that some locals don’t like tourists calling the island “Bora”, so let’s stop with the slang – and make some friends.

Just in case you’re in a job or planning to have one, share this list of fun Boracay activities with your friends and family to decide what to do next!

Jeddah Legaspi is a communicator who enjoys sharing the places, faces and learning experiences of her graduate studies and life outside of work. She is also co-founder of ISDApp, a NASA-awarded app and creative marketer that uses new media to bring valuable information to Filipinos.

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