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North Beach restaurant apologizes after refusing to serve SPFD agents – NBC Bay Area


A San Francisco restaurant has apologized after denying service to three uniformed police officers last week.

However, critics say apologies are not enough and they are making it known.

The fourth generation of San Franciscans, Steve Ghiselli, took a seat outside the restaurant with a direct message.

A sign that says “welcome plunderer”.

“I am tired of the way the police are treated,” he said. “If something’s wrong here – burglary, theft, whatever – who are they going to call ?.”

The new brunch venue, Hilda and Jesse Restaurant, explained that they turned down service because their guns made employees nervous. In their apologies, they said they “made a mistake” and mismanaged the situation.

Ghiselli and others who have stopped to chat with him say the restaurant has gone too far.

“Yes, there will rarely be a bad cop, but the way they are treated in the media and restaurants and establishments like this,” he said.

The San Francisco restaurant that refused to serve the cops is now apologizing to the police. Raj Mathai of NBC Bay Area spoke with Ginger Conejero Saab for more details.

Others like Matt Gereghty, co-owner of Hasta Muerte Café in Oakland, disagree.

Gereghty made national headlines in 2018 asking Oakland Police to leave his store.

“A lot of people who do that are afraid to say that the presence of the police and their history of brutality, history of corruption makes us very uncomfortable,” he said.

Hasta Muerte said he suffered what they say was intimidation after their decision.

However, unlike Hilda and Jesse, they said an overwhelming number of people supported their decision to exclude the police.

“We received letters and phone calls of support, and materially that support ended up giving us the ability to purchase our building and ensure long-term stability,” he said.

NBC Bay Area has attempted to reach the owners of Hilda and Jesse for their comment, but no response has been given.

Over the weekend, they released a statement that said the following:

“We made a mistake and apologize for the unfortunate incident on Friday when we asked SFPD members to leave our restaurant.”

Police in the area told NBC Bay Area they were a little shocked to learn what had happened and said North Beach tends to be very friendly with police.