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Mission Beach restaurant closes at the end of the year

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (KGTV) — It’s a bittersweet end to 2021 for a restaurant in Mission Beach.

Acapulco Bay Seafood is closing after just two years.

Pouring one of his restaurant’s last drinks, Ricardo Hernandez reflects on his time working at the restaurant.

“We opened in November 2019 just before the COVID pandemic hit,” he said. “It was started by my stepfather and it was his dream. One of the reasons he’s not here anymore is that he contracted COVID.”

Hernandez said it was the pandemic that ultimately ended his stepfather’s dream.

“We are more of a tourist community. So it’s always fluctuating, it goes up and down, up and down,” he said. “But yeah, when the if, if there hadn’t been a pandemic, ourselves and many other businesses that have closed, that are still open.”

On New Year’s Eve, he and his family want to celebrate one last time with those who made their business possible.

“It’s already a bittersweet note that we want to come away with a happy one with a smile on their face and be given a nice one last time to make our customers smile,” he said.

Hernandez closes the door with a positive attitude.

“Maybe we’ll regroup. We’ll talk about that, probably in about six months. And we’ll see how we’re going to move forward if we let our dreams fade away when the sun goes down or if we come back and do something else,” Hernandez said. “Even if you fail, follow your dreams. You might fail but you learn something [from] this.”

When the clock strikes midnight, the Hernandez family will hand over the keys. They said the new owners of the building would take over.