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Family beach activities for a cold day | Vizcaya key

Key Biscayne residents are likely to wake up Sunday to the coldest temperatures the island has seen since 2010. So, with the water too cold for a dip, is it a day to hit the beach or take advantage ?

Go out and enjoy! Here are some family beach activities you can enjoy, even with temperatures in the 30s.

Beach cleaning

Want an easy family activity that feels good? Grab a Fill-A-Bag bucket and join in an impromptu family beach cleanup day!

Sand Castle Battle

Bring out the family’s competitive spirit for a sandcastle building battle royale.

Gently pack wet sand into a pile, using a bucket or freeform to create the shapes and patterns you want for your beach creation. Let your imagination run wild and build forts, starfish queens and shell decorations.

Shell hunting

Who can find the most exciting seashell? An easy and fun activity that will keep kids busy for hours.

Look for the coastline before or after low tide. Grab a pair of beach socks and wade through the water. The beached seaweed clusters contain different ocean secrets and creatures in their slimy sheets.

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Treasure hunt

With fewer people on the beach, the chances of finding beach treasures are better. Just go out with a bucket or tote or take the high-tech option of borrowing a metal detector.

have a picnic

Nothing better than a cold picnic on the beach. Start with cold weather comfort food like cold or stews, hot drinks, chairs and lots of blankets and brace yourself for a truly unforgettable meal.

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