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Dominion Beach amenities to get upgrades starting today

Popular Cape Breton beach benefits from infrastructure upgrades worth $ 87,000.

Dominion Beach in Dominion, Nova Scotia is upgrading its utility building, which houses washrooms, changing rooms and showers.

Work will begin today.

Cape Breton Center MPP Dave Wilton said the building will have a new roof, new siding and new doors, in addition to some work inside.

The utility building on Dominion Beach will receive thousands of dollars in updates over the next few weeks. (George Mortimer / CBC)

This is part of a $ 1.5 million project that started three years ago.

Wilton says people want the beach to be protected.

“Most of the people I’ve spoken to love the beach. It’s part of our Cape Breton heritage, ”he said.

Wilton says he personally thought use of the beach was decreasing, but he learned from Natural Resources Department staff working on the beach that up to 2,500 to 3,000 people can be found on the shore daily.

The improvement project began three years ago when MNR installed a berm to protect the beach from tidal damage.

The three-year-old berm has been closed to foot traffic after it was damaged by a combination of waves and walkers. (George Mortimer / CBC)

The berm itself was damaged last winter, Wilton says.

“Over the winter months, the berm that was put in, the pebble that was on top, kind of washed away, and that caused these boreholes in the rocks,” he said. -he declares.

The berm was never intended as a walkway, Wilton says, but people use it that way. This, combined with the wave action, caused damage. Signs have now been installed indicating a no-walk zone.

Claire Boudreau from Glace Bay takes a daily walk along the old sandy beach promenade with her 92 year old mother.

She says the beach and boardwalk are important to a lot of people, so improvements are welcome.

Claire Boudreau and her 92-year-old mother walk the sandy boardwalk every day. (George Mortimer / CBC)

“I like to go out and exercise. It’s a good way to do it and the scenery is beautiful,” she said. “We walk to the end and back.”

Brittany Petite and her daughter Avery have been spending a lot of time at the beach this summer.

She says the upgrades to the main building are important.

“With the kids coming out with all the sand on it, it’s a nice place to wash and change.”

The final phase of the improvements, scheduled for next year, is a new promenade.

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