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City Council Seeks Options for Sandy Beach Restaurant | Chief of Lake Mills

Lake Mills City Council asked the city manager to create a Request for Proposals (RFP) for food options in Sandy Beach during a meeting on July 20. Council approved an amended motion that emphasized family nature emphasizing the history of Lac Moulins.

“We’re going to sit down and try to write a request for proposal and ask people to provide us with ideas for providing catering service at this site,” said Steve Wilke, City Manager. “We tried to keep the RFP as open as possible so that we could do some research. We will bring back the RFPs and they will either be approved or amended at the board level. “

“We don’t have all the answers at this point, and it would be nice to see what exists,” said Greg Waters, chairman of the board.

“The motion tries to incorporate all the possible concepts that would be available,” Wilke said. “It could be a city-owned building; it could be a private building on city property. What we were trying to do is do enough research and talk to enough people to make it open enough that we allow the people doing this type of work to give us the best possible offer.

In public comments, Jim Noga, president of the Sandy Beach Mobile Home Park Homeowners Association said, “We are very supportive of a restaurant on the beach. We would like to keep it as family friendly as possible. We all miss the Sand Bar and the ambiance of dining and the lake view without being inundated with boats, loud music, jet skis and that sort of thing we all miss.

“I think the current motion as drafted is too broad,” said Catherine Bishop, board member. “My concern is that without setting some parameters on what the RFP should include is that there will be too much information, it will take too long. “

Some of the metrics she proposed included for the city manager to give council a draft RFP by the second meeting in September, bidders should be in the restaurant business, have a plan for a building and be ready. to enter into a long-term lease and to take into account the history and family atmosphere of the region.

“I think maybe that could be a step forward. I would love to hear the different ideas and be able to go through all the options available, ”Waters said.

Wilke said it might be unrealistic for him to complete a tender in just a few months.

“The last call for tenders took me 10 months. I think at least six months. There are so many things going on at the same time. It also depends on the complexity of things. I’ve never made food with it, so I don’t know where to start. We can do an engineering tender, but it’s going to be more complicated than that. “

He went on to say that even with restrictions on the motion, there were still many options to consider. A referendum for the city to build a restaurant could delay the project for up to three years, Wilke commented.

Bishop’s amendment motion failed 4-1. Bishop introduced another motion in amendment emphasizing the history and family nature of a potential restaurant. This amended motion was carried 5-0.

The council recognized Rob Goetz for his 24 years of service to the city as the retired facilities and grounds manager.

“We all enjoyed working with Rob. He has been around for a long time and he brought a lot of professionalism to the department. He got things done and that’s the most important thing in a department manager, ”said Steve Wilke.

Rob Goetz said: “Twenty-four years have passed here. I remember coming with my two year old daughter and my six year old son. It has been great working for the Town of Lake Mills. The city is exceptional and the staff are dedicated, intelligent and motivated.

In other matters, counsel:

– Approved the Rock Lake Cemetery Plat, which has been deposited.

– Accepted the Lake Mills Community Foundation donation for a storytelling walk in Wallace Park.

– Modified the 2021 budget to include the donation fund.

– Funds accepted by the American Rescue Plan Act. The funds come from the federal government and are distributed by the state.

“We received $ 626,000 in funds,” Wilke said. “At the next meeting we will discuss budget items and how to spend them over the next four years. “

The city received only half of the payment, with the rest coming next year.

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