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Baga Beach in Panjim, Goa

Located 15 km north of Panaji, in the village of Baga is the small but perfect Baga Beach. Baga Beach is part of Calangute Beach which is connected to each other by a 3 km long road. Visited by thousands of tourists each year but relatively quieter, this pretty crescent-shaped beach is mainly known as a fishing coast.

Nestled on a rocky and wooded promontory, the Baga coast line, begins at Fort Aguada and continues as Sinquerim Beach, followed by Candolim, Calangute beaches and then merges with Baga Beach. Then it continues as Anjuna Beach then Vagator and finally ends at Chapora Beach and Fort.

Even though a small beach, plenty of local shops, cafes and beach huts as well as good restaurants and water sports activities make Baga an ideal tourist destination in Goa. Known for its hopping “hut life”, Baga Beach has several beach huts selling delicious Goan food and thirst-quenching Feni. The beach descends steeply to the water where the fishing canoes take advantage of the good launching conditions and offer walks.

Nightlife in Baga, a mix of Western and Goan culture, is considered to be the liveliest in Goa. Tito Beach Bar is one of the most famous nightclubs in Goa with a bar and restaurant, which has a well-equipped dance floor and sound system and Kamaki and Mambo are the other famous bars from Baga.

Beach activities

A former hippie hideaway, the clean golden-brown sand beach is also ideal for long leisure walks. There are more open and less crowded areas further down the beach to the left of the entrance, ideal for sunbathing. Although the sea here is not safe for swimming, especially from late May to early October when the monsoon is active, the Baga River flowing for its 10 km along one side of the beach provides a safer diversion. and pleasant for children and those who love water. But there are swirling currents where the river meets the Arabian Sea next to a group of large boulders.

Besides swimming and sunbathing, another attraction of the beach is its water sports facilities. One can enjoy parasailing, water skiing, windsurfing, snorkeling, kayaking and much more. Baga Beach is also popular for its spectacular sunsets and fishing. Large numbers of fishermen in traditional dress can be seen with their daily catch, especially in the morning and evening.

Besides all these activities, Baga Beach offers an excellent shopping experience for tourists. Along the road next to the beach is the Saturday Flea Market, also known as the Saturday Night Market (as it’s bustling even at night), which is great for shopping. There is a temporary stage on this beach which is almost always brought to life by musical performances from local musicians.

The main attractions of Baga are;

Baga retirement home
Located at the peninsular end of the Calangute coast is the Baga retirement home or Casa de Retiro hovering on a hill. Created in 1953 by Father Le Tellier, it is a tourist hotspot near Baga beach. Dedicated to Saint Francis Xavier, the retirement home is used for prayer and meditation.

Medicinal spring

Located near the Bom Viagem Convent, Mottant Medicinal Springs are a great place for picnics. The water here is believed to have medicinal properties.

Sea cure
Baga is also known for its sea cure. Every year in May, locals visit Baga beach and take a bath in the sea which they consider to be a remedy for ailments in the body such as arthritis and pain. articular.

Sangodd River Festival

A river festival, celebrating the Baga river known as the sangodd, is celebrated every year in Baga.

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