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Disadvantages of short term payday loans

Short-term payday loans have disadvantages

Short-term loans have disadvantages

Often there is not enough money left at the end of the month to cover everyday life. This can especially occur with unexpected purchases such as a new washing machine or a new dryer, but also with unforeseeable investments such as the repair of the car. Likewise, high additional payment of additional costs can lead to a financial bottleneck at the end of the month. fleshes this out

The income is therefore not sufficient to cover the running costs by the end of the month. So that bills can still be paid, many consumers use their overdraft facility. If this is at the limit, a new loan is often taken out. Any loans are usually so-called short-term payday loans.

What are short-term payday loans?

What are short-term loans?

As the name suggests, short-term payday loans are loans with a short term. As a rule, the maximum is 60 days. These are structured like installment loans and are characterized by a low loan amount. Any loans from 50 to a maximum of 3000 USD can be financed. However, due to the short term, the loan amount can pose a significant problem for the consumer. The promising financing solution can lead to over-indebtedness when the loan is due.

Conditions of short-term payday loans

Conditions of short-term loans

In principle, short-term payday loans are granted from 50 USD. The maximum loan amount, depending on the loan provider, is a maximum of 3000 USD. With some providers, new customers receive a maximum sum of 500 USD. If the sum is repaid on time, the amounts can be increased. However, the mostly expensive interest rates should be noted. An annual interest rate of over 12% may apply to short-term payday loans. Any loans are therefore characterized by extremely high costs.

Additional costs in the form of fees

Additional costs in the form of fees

In addition to the high interest costs, short-term payday loans often hide additional fees. Due to the lack of transparency, these costs can cause a nasty surprise to the borrower. Especially because of the already lacking financial resources, the additional costs often travel an enormous hole in the debtor’s budget. It is not uncommon for providers of short-term payday loans to request a credit rating. The cost of this can make up around 10% of the loan amount.

With a loan amount of 500 USD, there are additional costs of 50 USD for such a certificate. Many creditors also offer additional services. However, these are usually characterized by their obligation to pay. For example, an installment payment option may involve additional costs.

This often results in costs of up to 100 USD for a loan amount of 500 USD. Any loans are therefore usually characterized by a disproportionate amount of costs.

What is interest ceiling

If you want to hedge against interest rate hikes and give your finances a better stability, it may be advantageous to take advantage of a loan with interest rate ceilings.

At present, interest rates are low, but if one day it turns and interest rates start to rise again, you may suddenly face a larger monthly expense that will eventually affect your availability.

An interest rate ceiling protects you from interest rate hikes


For the last long time, interest rates have been at a historically low level due to the global economic situation. The Danish interest rate is determined by Danmarks Nationalbank, which adjusts it according to the European Central Bank in order to ensure interest rates.

If the global economic situation changes at some point and interest rates begin to rise, the interest rate ceiling will ensure that the monthly payments on the loan do not increase as well.

The alternative to an interest rate ceiling

If you do not have an interest rate ceiling on your loan, it will instead be a variable interest rate. With a variable loan, the interest rate will be adjusted continuously.

In this way, there is a greater risk of having a higher monthly expenditure over time, which can damage your personal finances if the extra expense cannot be afforded.

You should be aware of that


Before you take out a loan with interest rate ceilings, or get your current loan with a variable interest rate rescheduled, there are certain things you should be aware of.

A loan with an interest rate ceiling is not free to establish and you would have to pay an extra benefit to have the loan. You can consider the loan as an insurance policy so that your personal finances are not squeezed further by any interest rate hike, but there will still be a deductible for the loan, which must be paid at the end of each year in which you repay the loan. Therefore, you must be aware of the rate of interest loan you wish to raise before you take out the loan. If the rate is too high, the loan becomes too expensive and you will face the same situation as if you had a variable rate loan.

What does the interest rate on an interest rate ceiling depend on?

How high the interest rate is on a loan with an interest rate ceiling depends on various factors.

This can be both depending on how big the loan is and how long the loan has to be repaid over.

The more you want to borrow and the longer you want to repay over, the higher the interest rate ceiling will also be, as the lender must lend more money and wait for a longer period before the loan is repaid.

When does it pay to have a loan with interest rate ceiling?

When does it pay to have a loan with interest rate ceiling?

In order to pay off a loan with an interest rate ceiling, the interest rate must preferably be below 5%. If it is above this level of interest, you will most often not be able to get anything out of having an interest rate cap, as the annual cost of having the loan will be too high under a variable rate loan.

A loan with a interest rate ceiling will always be a good insurance policy for you and your personal finances during periods of fluctuating interest rates, as this will give you a guarantee of how much your expenses will increase to the maximum. In this way, you get a greater security in your daily life, and avoid excessive costs of an interest rate that increases too much and that the monthly expenses become obscure.

The disadvantage of an interest rate ceiling

The disadvantage of an interest rate ceiling

While an interest rate cap may be a really good idea, there are also downsides to this type of loan.

When your loan follows the low interest rate and cannot get over the agreed interest rate, you still pay the same annual excess payment, for this insurance. So, if the loan does not reach the agreed rate, you will still have to pay the same benefit for a security that you do not use.

Payday Loans for Everyone

I have a very good reputation for my payday loans for everyone. This is the first and big difference with traditional credits: you don’t present me with papers or pay stubs; You don’t have to do any paperwork, it’s all on the net. From the web – or by downloading my app on your cell phone – and just by registering, we will already know each other to start making deals together. So you ask me for money from wherever you want, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. see for further notes See for a write-up

Have a fixed and bulky salary because my payday loans 

As it is a loan it is not mandatory to have a fixed and bulky salary because my payday loans are for everyone and up to $ 20,000 to be repaid up to 3 installments. It is essential to have some income and a bank account, but these minimum requirements have nothing to do with the requirements of credit cards, banks and other financial entities. These are basic conditions to confirm that you will be able to face the loan payment. The more I know you, the more money I can give you and the less I charge you.

Another advantage is that there are no fixed amounts established

Another advantage is that there are no fixed amounts established. I give you the exact amount you need, so you can return it in up to 3 installments. The procedure is fast and the plate is deposited in the day. My payday loans are for everyone who needs an advance. The thing is very transparent, there are no variable rates, no hidden charges. When your advance is confirmed you already have all the information. You don’t get any surprises with Edward Murdstone! Only good news and the cash you need to do what you want.

Postponed purchases for the house

The reasons for asking me can be a lot: unpaid bills, fines, unexpected medical expenses, postponed purchases for the house or the boys, car arrangements, the move, the rent … From some taste or whim, Another advantage is that there are no fixed amounts established, until the end of the month! Edward Murdstone understands you. Therefore, do not wait any longer. Take advantage of payday loans for all who do not meet the traditional conditions of banks.

Immediate Loans | Online loans How to benefit from them?

We have all faced the situation of requiring extra money, either to cover eventualities, to finance projects or to buy our first car or house. However, many times we are faced with numerous obstacles on the way to obtain it.


The first option that comes to mind is to apply for a bank loan, but what happens when we have not had credit before, when you have gone through a bad streak and your credit report is not the best. We are limited in options and applying for a loan becomes a tedious and frustrating process.

For such situations, new financial tools have begun to emerge that are revolutionizing the world of loans. Online loans are now an ideal option for all those who have been denied access to this type of tool by the traditional banking system. for young people who prefer to save their long lines and carry out their procedures online and for those who face eventualities

What are the benefits of this type of credit?

What are the benefits of this type of credit?

In addition to providing ease to people who do not have a credit history, this type of online loans also offer a fast and efficient service; the application and approval process is done entirely online, in most cases you can send your application 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the approval process is as fast as the application, the online loans They allow you to have the money in your account in as little as 24 hours.

Thus, with online loans without bureaus, you can access, without the need of long lines or complicated application processes, a financing that allows you to cover those eventual expenses that usually arise. It is important to keep in mind that these types of loans do not usually grant the same amounts as traditional personal loans. They handle smaller amounts and shorter payment periods, as well as higher interest rates, so they are an ideal option only in cases of emergencies or eventualities.

What do I need to apply for a personal loan online in Mexico?

What do I need to apply for a personal loan online in Mexico?

The requirements may vary, however most of the companies request the following:

1. Be a Mexican citizen over 18 years of age
2. Have a fixed source of income and a permanent address
3. An official identification
4. A credit or debit account in the country
5. Access to a Tablet or computer
6. An email account

How to choose my credit correctly?

How to choose my credit correctly?

Before choosing the right credit for you, it is important that you have clear what your financial needs and your payment capabilities are. It is also important that you be informed of the characteristics and requirements of the different types of credit online. There are tools, such as online credit seekers, that can be excellent assistants when it comes to finding the right credit for you.

Credit insurance: secure your loan

Do you have a credit agreement in progress or would you like to apply for a loan? When you get a loan it is also important to be able to benefit from good credit insurance in the event of any problems. In fact, what would happen if you lost your job and found yourself unable to repay monthly installments?

Our credit insurance

Our credit insurance

Choosing a loan with Astrocredit means at the same time benefiting from quality assurance. We attach great importance to the quality of the services we offer, so we include credit insurance in every contract. The latter will protect you in the following cases:

  • Illness: in the event of long-term health problems and consequent loss of income, our insurance will cover you from the third month, for a period of up to a year
  • Accident: in the event of a serious accident and a consequent loss of income, the insurance protects you with the same conditions applied in the event of illness
  • Optional referral insurance: also called membership in voluntary insurance for incapacity for work, disability and unemployment, this additional coverage will protect you in case of involuntary unemployment
  • Death: whether or not you have taken out the optional insurance, you are automatically covered by your insurance in the event of death: your family will not have to repay your credit

More questions on credit insurance?

More questions on credit insurance?

Do you have a loan in progress, with us or with another company? Want to learn more about our insurance solution? Do you want to take advantage of a free credit offer and at the same time benefit from a secure coverage? Then do not hesitate to contact us! Fill out the online form, our team will call you back to offer you a credit offer, free and without obligation.

Cash loan PLN 3,000 Banks Credit cards Loan companies

A cash loan of PLN 3,000 for any purpose. Where to borrow money: in a loan company or maybe better in a bank? It is usually the case that before we go to a bank or a loan company, we usually ask for loans from those closest to us. If nobody is willing to borrow us, then we are looking for a bank or a loan company.

Banks offer higher sums of loans and very often at definitely better conditions. Especially if we compare long-term loans. But most banks will not lend us 500 zlotys for 2 weeks, moreover, certain requirements must be met, which some potential borrowers are unable to meet.


It can in this case a credit card? You can have a limit of 500 PLN as well as 5000 PLN. To be able to apply for a credit card, you must have the appropriate creditworthiness, sign a contract and complete the necessary formalities.


Cash loan PLN 3,000 in installments

Cash loan PLN 3,000 in installments

Non-bank loan? This is an option, but in which case should I choose a loan company? Before you decide on a loan in a given company, you should carefully read the loan company’s offer. The conditions for granting and repaying the loan must be clear and do not require additional explanation. The loan company must provide the total cost of the loan, that is, the obligation under the Consumer Credit Act. There is no such information? Do not use her services.

When choosing a loan company, it is worth paying attention to the offer for new customers. Is the first (as well as subsequent) are on attractive terms: the cost of the first loan, the maximum loan amount for a new customer, the loan repayment period, etc.

If you have decided to choose this loan company, it is worth looking on the Internet for opinions of people who have already benefited from the offer of this loan company.

A non-bank loan is not the cheapest, especially if the loan company’s offer is not covered by the promotion. Certainly, a loan in a reliable loan company is the speed of its provision, minimal formalities and great convenience, especially if it is a loan via the Internet.

Car loan: request an offer


Do you want to buy the car you always wanted? Is your current machine replaced with a new one or have you received a salary bill from your mechanic? Astrocredit is the solution you are looking for! We offer different financing solutions for your car. Our car loans are available to you at the best interest rates whether you want to buy a new vehicle such as a car, minibus or motorhome, or simply have to repair it. Contact us now!

Our car credit offers

Our car credit offers

Astrocredit is a credit company with decades of experience in the financial sector. Our collaborators guarantee security and maximum confidentiality in the treatment of your practices and in the personal documents sent. We work hard to give our customers the best results and offer the most advantageous offers. For us, customer satisfaction is paramount. By choosing a car credit with our agency, you will get:

  • Flexible conditions: choose the desired loan amount and the repayment duration freely
  • A quick answer: once you have sent the request form you will be contacted in 24-48 hours
  • Low interest rates guaranteed to ensure the greatest savings
  • A free quote without any commitment on your part
  • A leasing credit that allows you to buy a new car and pay it in convenient monthly installments


Loan despite garnishment

In this day and age, it is no problem to fulfill wishes about a loan. If there are enough collateral and a corresponding income, the banks do not have problems with a loan commitment. However, the situation is completely hopeless if there is a seizure. How it can still come to a loan despite seizure, we explain here.

What is a garnishment and when does it happen?

What is a garnishment and when does it happen?

A garnishment must be requested by the creditor at the competent district court. The attachment transfer order is then submitted to the employer or the bank. How high the seizure may be depends on the number of people in the household and the net income. According to the Code of Civil Procedure (ZPO), the attachable part of the income is then retained and transferred to the creditor. If there are several seizures, the creditor who first applied for the seizure referral order is served first.

It comes then to a seizure, if with the creditor no agreement was reached and this had rejected a installment. Previously, however, the payments of the debtor have failed. At first this is reminded. This can be done several times. If payments are still not received, the order for payment and then the writ of enforcement will be requested. This is followed by the visit of the bailiff.

Entry in the private credit

Entry in the private credit

A garnishment is entered in the private credit. The banks see this as soon as they check the creditworthiness of the customer. If there has been a seizure of the labor income, this will be recorded on the salary or payroll. Some banks, especially the online banks, want to see these proofs of income. Cheating is therefore not possible.

A loan despite garnishment is not awarded through a conventional bank. This also applies to foreign banks. Actually, the person concerned should not have so much money left over to pay any installments for a loan. The money is then barely enough to make a living. It would be irresponsible to award a loan in this case, despite seizure.

Money from private investors

Money from private investors

Friends and relatives can help financially. But there are also providers of loans by private investors on the Internet. Actually, these do not give loans on bad private credit, but exceptions confirm the rule. These private lenders see a loan as a low-risk investment. The loan amount consists of several donors, which keeps the risk very low. Interest with double-digit amounts is sometimes offered and some of these donors do not say no.

Great Tips For How To Repay Your Mortgage Much Faster!

Often times in our life we have to meet unforeseen expenses

At such periods if we don’t have spare money with us, it becomes difficult to fulfill these expenses. You can’t request any friend for a mortgage as it is embarrassing at times to request such loans. You need to satisfy the expenses immediately and for that, you could take payday loans. It is very easy to apply for these types of loans and can be done online as well. These are the perfect financial loans to meet urgent cash requirements. The day you receive the salary you would pay back the mortgage amount.

In the past two years, I have concentrated my business on the list and selling off troubled properties before they were in order to fall into foreclosure. Through the experiences, I have found the following adjustments since the crumble of the home loan market began.

One of the first things you can do whenever thinking about refinancing is to discover the best home mortgage interest rates. Are these types of rates higher or less than what you are currently paying? If they happen to be higher then you probably avoid wanting to refinance unless you wish to extend the term of your present mortgage. Now, if the prices are favorable then you need to really decide a few issues. First, how long do you intend to live in the house? How close up are you to paying this off? Will your current income change in the near future? Do you need money now or lower monthly obligations?

However, if the quantities work for you, a 15 yr mortgage has its additional attractions. In a nutshell, you pay out less interest over the amount of the loan, so it’s much less out of pocket at the end of the day (or mortgage, in this case). More than fifteen years, this time decrease can result in considerable savings.

If you are in a position to want to refinance this is one more time when you want to check the particular rates

Your goal associated with refinancing might be to get a decreasing rate on your mortgage plus refinancing should be done when finding the lowest mortgage rates period is right for you. This will also rely on your credit situation and you will get an even lower price when your credit is in the very best shape.

You could also make it a lease-option deal. In this way, if the prior owner gets into better finance, he can buy his house back. Of course, the purchase price is going to be high enough to give you an excellent profit.

Be familiar with the various types of mortgages as well. Find out if you qualify to any of these. There is one for those who generate below the average. There is also a home loan available for the elderly. Before you select a type of mortgage, see to it that a person compare their benefits plus their drawbacks. Although there are extensive types, you can easily distinguish be it a fixed rate or changeable.

Though you have options, yet there are things that can affect the of those options. The first thing that is noticeable is the history of could be credit score of repaying financial obligations for things like credit cards. When one man applies for the mortgage then it is to be realized that how much he is reliable. When the man is very much abnormal in paying the financial obligations then the options will be more restricted to him.

You will find endless possibilities to having extra money. I am not informing people not to invest, yet a Roth IRA may tie up your money, and who desires their money to be unavailable when they need it to purchase houses on a quick turnaround? Take a look at your options and decide which path is best for you and best fits your needs.

The margins of German auto giants suffer from their rivalry

The number of new car registrations rose 3.7% in October. The market benefits from Chinese and American demand.

An autumn sun shines on the German car market. With 275,400 units, new car registrations rose 3.7% in Germany in October, according to the federal agency KBA. This good result confirms the positive trend that emerged last September, with a 5% increase in new registrations, while the month of August had stalled.

Since the beginning of the year, Germany has registered 2.6 million new car registrations. According to the president of the German automobile federation, Matthias Wissmann, these data underline the stability of the national market, driven by a dynamic Chinese and American demand, while “the [development] potential remains important for the West, ” he said in a statement.

At the same time, BMW has released results that somewhat reinforce these optimistic prospects: despite a slight decline in net income in the third quarter, the world’s top-of-the-range, has improved its results in all its divisions – auto, motorcycle, financial services – and posted an operating profit up 17% to 2.3 billion.

However, the euphoria is not on the agenda side experts on the German automotive market. “There is only a slight respite was expected, in a persistently difficult environment,” Judge Stefan Bratzel, Director of the Center of Automotive at Bergisch Gladbach. At the end of the 90s, the new registrations were close to the 4 million vehicles per year in Germany. Today, we will probably reach 3 million. These figures reveal how saturated the market is today.


A market that suffers from overcapacity, causing intense competition between manufacturers. “Manufacturers and dealers are looking to attract customers by offering discounts that range from 20 to 25% on average by brand and model,” says automotive specialist Ferdinand Duddenhöffer. These practices artificially inflate sales and reduce margins. The dynamics are skewed, the German market is not doing so well. ”

Thus, according to a study of the Center Automotive Research of the University of Duisburg and Essen, the margins achieved this year by the German premium trio (Mercedes, BMW, Audi) on their models have decreased significantly compared to the good years according to the crisis of 2008. In 2011, a Mercedes reported 3 760 euros to the group of Stuttgart, against 3 370 today; a BMW 4,480 euros against 3,555 this year, and an Audi 3,054 euros against 2,949 euros in 2014.

Like BMW, which saw sales of its X5 explode by 34% in the third quarter, premium German tenors have managed to defend their positions by rushing into the SUV segment (utility and sports models). But a slowdown in demand overseas or in China could herald the beginning of winter. And the German market, first in Europe, would soon be cold.